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Laser Hair Removal & Laser Tattoo Removal

Unwanted hair can affect your self-confidence, and with summer around the corner, you want to be able to show off your smooth, hair-free skin. Shaving, waxing, and depilatory cream can help, but they are only a temporary fix. All that constant maintenance is time-consuming.


What does laser hair removal involve?


During laser hair removal, the therapists will use a handheld device to direct a laser beam into your hair follicles. The laser’s light is converted to heat in your skin which kills the follicles, preventing hair growth. 


The laser beam must be able to access the hair follicle fully, so we ask you to shave the area to be treated before you arrive at the clinic. 

How many treatments will I need?


Laser hair removal works best when your hair follicle is in an active growth phase. It is impossible to know precisely when this is, so while you can expect a 70 – 80% hair reduction with  6 to 8 sessions, you may need up to 12 sessions to eliminate hair growth. The thickness of your hair and the size of the area you want to have treated will also impact the number of sessions required.

Models needed

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Laser tattoo removal

Young woman undergoing laser tattoo removal procedure in salon, closeup..jpg
Young woman undergoing laser tattoo removal procedure in salon, closeup..jpg
Blisters and Scabs on Male Arm from Laser Tattoo Removal.jpg
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